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Deadly Sweet Maid Cafe is a San Antonio-based Pop-up shop that specializes in cute comfort food, spoopy sweets, and dance performances for the creepy cute at heart. Founded in 2015 our head maid had the vision to create a fun, safe space in our community for people to enjoy the spooky side of Japanese pop culture. Please support us on our journey to opening a physical maid cafe!

What is a Maid Cafe?
Red velvet spider web cakes

A maid cafe is a type of performance restaurant that is inspired by the popular maid trope in anime and manga. These cafes bring unique characters to life and treat you as an honored guest. The food served is usually themed and over the top, in its decorations. There are many different types of cafes all over the world! So, please support your local maid cafe!

Help us make our nightmares come true
deadly sweet maid cafe skull
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